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Why do I need a virtual Assistant? (Part 2)

Years 2020 and 2021 have been unpredictable.  We still are not sure what the rest of the year 2021 may bring. A Virtual Assistant provides you with business support to minimise interruptions that comes with sudden change like the lockdown. Whereas previously, the options would have involved investing in a long-term, costly hiring and training staff, paying sick leave, and holiday pay. By utilizing a virtual assistant service, your business has options. You can test a market without large overhead costs, scale slowly in a new market without hiring multiple employees, and have the flexibility of cancelling a virtual assistant if unsuccessful. Most virtual assistant offers plans that are run month-to-month and can easily be cancelled.

Businesses that adopted to a new way of working by using a virtual assistant have realised that they indeed made the right choice by investing in a VA. People want to buy from businesses that solve their problems and have an upward trajectory for stability and growth. VA’s provide a stable choice to assist businesses through 2021.

By establishing a strong business relationship with your virtual assistant provider, you can be a part of a business networking community that already exists with other businesses and entrepreneurs that both have physical office space or a virtual office. Throughout the past year, most have worked hard at reinventing their business via the use of a VA.

Hiring a VA lets you pay only for services that you need saving your business money. No need to pay employees sick pay, or holiday pay. No need to spend money on training staff, cutting costs down, helping your business grow.

As a Virtual Assistant, my role is to support businesses remotely of all kinds to maximise their efficiency. My business works as a seamless extension to businesses delivering speed, consistency, and a professional-client service across, Call handling, Diary and email management, Document production, Travel management, Personal Assistant services and many more tasks.

We offer 24-hour professional and agile business support solutions shaped to support reactive business requirements across a range of offerings.

On average, 14 hours a week is spent by workers on managing their inbox alone. Outsourcing your business support gives you crucial time back to focus on key business areas central to your profitability. Our team is skilled in a breadth of business support services and will work with you to create a bespoke package that scales to your needs, meaning that you only pay for what you need.

Not only can we help to release you and your team from relentless administration tasks, but this is also an inexpensive way to increase your capacity without having to go through the lengthy hiring and onboarding process.

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