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Why Businesses need a Virtual Assistant

Why a Virtual Assistant is a big investment for your business?

If there is anything we have learned over the past year when we faced the pandemic is the power of working from home.

Entrepreneurs and businesses had to learn and adapt to a new normal of working. Lots of businesses have closed permanently due to the pandemic.

What made some businesses thrive and some permanently close? They adapted to the disruption through innovation and hard work. These two characteristics are what entrepreneurs are made of. 

Remote work is no longer a thing of the past. The current global crisis was a catalyst for the growing move to a virtually connected world. There is hardly anything we do in our business that can’t be done remotely, unless you physically make, or build something. Entrepreneurs who can adapt and evolve to the new “virtual workplace” and see its benefits will be able to future-proof their business as the economy moves remote. When I worked in the Banking Industry; I was told due to the sensitivity and the nature of my role; I wasn’t allowed to work from home. The same position when the pandemic hit; people are allowed to work from home. The Bank had to adjust to a new way of working.

So, what do virtual assistants really do?

Where once a secretary sat behind a desk, now there are 21st-century alternatives like call handling and remote PAs who are embedded into clients’ businesses, enhancing their experience, but doing so in an efficient and effective way.

Processes are adopted to the finest detail. Often, even improved upon. Services outsourced not simply to save money but because it is – above all – a sharper and seamless fit.

Experts – not employed by you but working for you. Isn’t this a better balance?

So, what are the Benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become a common method for businesses to reduce their operational costs while maintaining high quality of output. An outsourcing venture can be as simple as hiring a virtual assistant to manage administrative and secretarial tasks.

If you are a business owner; you don’t have to do everything yourself otherwise you will spend more time dealing with admin tasks and responding to customers emails instead of focusing on building your business. This where a VA comes in.

When you get an email that requires your attention; your VA responds to the email to that team member and responds to the sender that we have got it taken care of. The sender probably thinks you sent the response — and that is the point.

By hiring a VA you can focus on yourself and the really important activities for the day. 

Yes, a virtual team is the “new normal” of work. It is about time you hire one.

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3 thoughts on “Why Businesses need a Virtual Assistant”

  1. Excellent case of why VA’s are important in our current climate and are the future for how business will work!

  2. Virtual Assistant Xtra

    Thank you for commenting. Yes very true our working style has changed since the pandemic and this new way of working is here to stay.

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