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How do you Refresh, Revitalise, or Reenergise your life and business in 2022?

“There is a virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” Alan Cohen

Most of us in the society are under immense pressure, working in full time employment, running a business, attending to families, etc we never stop, and we neglect to take a break to rest.

Whether you are employed in full time or are an entrepreneur, how do you refresh both physically and spiritually? How do you refresh your mind? I like to think that resting is key to productivity. If I don’t rest it clouds my mind. I find that my best decisions are made in the moment of calmness and rest. I also find that I am much happier when I rest more than when I am busy.

Finding that quite place of calmness to relax, reflect, to just press a restart button. Each break I take I feel empowered, renewed, reactivated, and pumped up to face a new task or challenge.

Think about this scenario; when your mobile phone battery is dead, do you lay aside your mobile phone letting it rest? Or do you plug it to the charger to connect to the power source and let it charge. Spiritually this is exactly what I do; I connect to the power source to re-energise and recharge my life and I believe this works both ways in our physical body and spiritual.

Create some space for yourself, think of activities that you can do to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself. Can you start a new hobby? Can you learn a new skill?

Take a break, pick up that mobile phone and chat with a friend, go for a walk, have a laugh, play some music instrument, just relax, and do those things you love that has nothing to do with work or business. Sing a little song, say a prayer, add newness and some release of strength to your life.

At the start of the new year, most people make resolutions, and they start of the new year with good intentions. This year I will go to the gym; I will eat healthy etc. but intention to do things alone is not enough. We need to take action and take a leap.

It’s about spicing up that relationship with yourself and consider what your goals are.

Do something today that tomorrow you will thank you for and celebrate small steps. These small quick wins will help create a domino effect in the end.

So, what is the one thing you will do today to revitalise and reenergise your working life or your business? Kickback, unplug and relax.


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7 thoughts on “How do you Refresh, Revitalise, or Reenergise your life and business in 2022?”

  1. This just encouraged me to take a good look at myself and recharge my battery!! – Great Post!! I think recharging mine is seeing friends & family doing no activity at all, just to sit and do nothing together is how I recharge but we often have so little time with friends and family you feel pressure to do an activity, in attempt to make the most of it…

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