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Virtual Assistant Xtra

About Us

We are a small business with years of board level experience offering your business that xtra hand of support when you need it.

We provide Payroll, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Data Entry, Project Management, Social Media Management, Executive Secretarial and Financial Administrative support for businesses, professionals and individuals across all industry sectors. We are Manchester based, but we welcome clients and operations across the globe.

I am Laura the founder of Virtual Assistant Xtra.
Prior to starting my own business, I worked as a Lecture at a college, I have worked in Corporate Banking at Royal Bank of Scotland, The Co-Operative Bank and then the custodian Bank of New York Mellon. I have always been keen to run my own company and when the right time came I decided to use the expertise and experience I had built up over the years to start a Virtual Assistant business.
As a former Banker, I have little doubt about the vital service offered by bookkeepers. I see my role as maintaining accurate financial records, that can be inspected at any time and assisting the business owner to run a profitable business by flagging up any issues or concerns that may have a detrimental effect.
I believe my career working in investment Banking has added a valuable extra dimension to my new role. Before leaving the bank, I could not envisage doing anything else.
Suddenly, doors opened, and I began to discover an interesting new opportunity. At first, I had to come to terms with a crucial difference between banking and bookkeeping. A credit in the banking world is a debit in the book-keeping world, It’s still about numbers that must balance. If they don’t, there’s a reason and you must find it.
After my Banking years I went to study for IAB qualifications and I am now an enthusiastic member of the IAB, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Xero Certified and the Sage Professional Bookkeeper’s Club.
Timely management data was routine in the bank. Now I offer it to my clients to help them know precisely where they are financially.
I produce management figures on a monthly basis – what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, what it looks like if we continue in the same way and pointing out any deficiencies such as margins not holding up, amongst other criteria.
I love bookkeeping because “you can make a real difference. Clients may have been given figures in the past but often have no idea about their correlation with the previous month or year, nor the margin they are making.”
I am especially pleased when I save them money by finding they have paid twice for the same thing; or overpaid by failing to check a delivery note against an invoice.
As for the fees paid to a bookkeeper, I believe it is money well spent because of how it can help a client. “Don’t forget that HM Revenue and Customs can come round to do snap inspections and if you are deemed not to be keeping your records adequately, they can slap fines on you. A lot of small businesses don’t understand or realise that.”
A clear message for small business owners who have yet to hire a bookkeeper.
“Concentrate on the things you’re good at and leave somebody who’s good at the other things to do them for you. You can be really surprised what can come out of it. I can help you run a more successful and profitable business.

Project Management

Our company will provide support to your business virtually, or in person at your request, taking over the operations side and managing workflows. This gives you the chance to grow your business and make decisions that will shape its future.

We will work to manage projects and work right below you, overseeing projects from initiation to completion. Will help you with planning, assisting with the launch itself, and organizing the post-launch activities.

If you have a team, we will keep your team organized and on track. We will coordinate with different members of your team, allocate tasks and track performance and chase any outstanding work/reports and manage the process.

We will offer support with business strategy, such as brand development, website if you need one, assist with setting up systems if required, i.e.  Project Management tools, sales funnel, e book/ workbook and brand strategy. We will help set up social media accounts and link them together, help maintain them if you wish us to.

You will get your business off the ground, and we will manage the operations side of things.

We will mainly be concerned with the operations side of your business, and carry out administrative tasks, like scheduling, travel arrangements, and correspondence if you wish us to.

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